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Apple falling prey?

With the explosion of iDevices, Apple is now falling prey to hackers.  For years OSx has always been “secure”.  Was this really the truth, or just the fact that they were not a large enough target.

With the prevalence of the iPhone and the iPad, there is a HUGE group of devices that are just ripe for the pickings.  Apple has designed the devices to be very intuitive and easy to use right out-of-the-box.  This has provided a much larger potential payday and more hackers will start targeting these devices.  At the recent Black Hat USA conference an iPhone was compromised in 60 seconds.. by plugging in the charger, and entering in the access code – something we all do.

Today at a Black Hat USA 2013 press conference, the researchers revealed for the first time exactly how the USB charger they built can compromise iOS devices in less than a minute.

This is reminiscent of Microsoft and Windows 95 / 98.  The older MS OSes were easy to use, fairly intuitive, and extremely insecure.  Given the nature of the environment at the time and the popularity of PC’s in the home, this provided a perfect target for hackers.  The security was basically non-existent – a lesson that took Microsoft a long time to realize and recover from.

Services enabled by default for sharing.  Hey, why make people turn these things on, let’s just make it easy for them to turn on their computer and go.  Sound familiar?

Circle back to today, and the new generation of mobility.  Today we have a plethora of devices that are easy to use, intuitive and, unfortunately, not very secure.

This was a hard lesson for Microsoft to learn, and they did a great job in improving security and more importantly their patch management process.  Why?  They had to.

This was an easy lesson for Apple to learn, as their devices were limited in number and not regularly targeted.  Although, at many security conferences Apple devices were the first to fall and be compromised.

No matter what you choose, please keep up to date on patches.  A good defense is a strong offense!


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