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Get your brand on the web and Take charge of your on-line web presence!Personal Web Marketing with Social Media

When someone “Googles” or “Bings” your name, what are the results they are likely to see?

How much time and effort have you put into a social media site trying to attract people, then they go and change the format / rules / advertisements?

Why put your online marketing and your web presence – your web credibility – in the hands of other sites that can change the rules at will.  Do all your contacts see the same information when they visit your social site?  Why not?  The social media platform is not there to make YOU profitable.  They are there to make themselves profitable.  They use your time and effort to promote their platform, serve up advertisements to make themselves $$$.

How can we look to turn the tables?

Social Media SpokeIntroducing the Computing, Consulting & Training website philosophy.  Let’s create your web presence, and USE THEM to provide content for your site.  With the power of WordPress you can have an awesome looking site and use plugins to have your information sent to the social sites.  Harness the power of a hub and spoke marketing system, create once – update many.  If [when] the “next big thing” in social media hits, we will be ready.  Your time and your money – your total investment – in your online marketing system is future proof.  Ready to move and take advantage of them all!

We can work with you to:

  • Choose the right domain name
  • Hosting your site
  • Installing and securing WordPress
  • Creating social media sites that include your branding
  • Linking them all together to create a POWERFUL web marketing system