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Want to learn – we can train you!

We have the skills and resources to train you in many facets of computing including, but not limited to:  Microsoft Office, Skype, Basic computing, Networking, Security, Cloud services, WordPress sites – upkeep and maintenance.  If you want 1 on 1 training we can help.  Prefer to learn on your own?  We have videos, and access to some of the best training material and can customize just for you and your staff.  Knowing how things work means you will be able to make better informed decisions.

How does it all work?

We will work with you, at your pace, until you are satisfied with your knowledge and competence..  When you understand the system, you may want to do more on your own, saving you money.

WordPress Training

Once your online presence is established we will work with you or someone from your staff to:

  • Understand how everything is setup
  • Map out how it all works together
  • Provide videos and documentation so you can learn on your schedule
  • Setup your maintenance program – then train you to monitor it
  • Provide periodic checkpoints to make sure it keeps going strong


Presentation presented on 8/23/2013 – OWNWP