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Everyone has their own needs and desires from their web site.  Your web site is (or should be) the focal point for all your online marketing.  Why skimp on substandard web hosting.  Get the site that is right for you.  Do you want speed?  Reliability?  How about both?

There are a bunch of “inexpensive” hosting companies.  They offer very low cost (or free) web sites to lure you in and upsell you on all the added features.  The free web sites will put all kinds of ads or hidden code on your site to promote their business. – there is no such thing as a free lunch – or free web site!  Not all web hosts are equal.  We will work with you and get the right hosting for your needs.  Don’t be fooled by inexpensive hosting.  The web sites are on over-sold servers, so they can get more bang out of YOUR buck!

Have a need for a dedicated server just for you?  We can take care of that!

This is not a one size fits all offering.  We have accounts with 4 different hosting companies.  We make sure your needs are matched to the correct solution.

>>> If you want $5.00 a month web hosting, we can get that for you too – Not! <<<

Connected ComputersWhere are your customers located?  Wouldn’t it make sense to locate your web server close to them?  Do the “inexpensive” hosts let you select the location of your web server?  Will they let you select different regions within the US?

Recently we worked with a company that had their customers predominantly in the US, and their web site was being hosted out of Australia!

Does your website address look like:  http : //

If so, do you think the search traffic is benefitting you or them?  I can almost guarantee that is you want to have your own domain name you will need to pay extra.

We don’t play games with you.  We will consult with you and offer you the right services for your needs.